Friday, May 25, 2012

Demo / Lyrics

Self-titled Demo
Recorded Live in E-Standard at God's Butt by Jonathan Crain
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

1. That Which Cannot be Soothed
Born into a hex. It’s so divine. Institutional constructs, metaphysical bind. I’ve been clawing at my skin trying to find a way in. Bonded to sleep debt, insomniac death. Give me some relief, I won't hesitate. That which can't be soothed can't be fixed by hate. Absolute devastation. I'm totally blind. I'm losing grasp on my life. I swear that I'm fine. I'm dripping blood let my hands intertwine.

2. Double Blind
Becoming friends, means to an end. Don't care for each other. How soon can we begin? I'm dying to see if you're just like me. We don't need space. I don't want to breath. We love the same things, our taste is flawless. So much in common we agree on two topics. Truth found diffused won’t land blame on you. Our parasitic bind makes me feel less blue. Unpossesed, by the need to fit in. I feel nothing inside when I see you for you. No need for your wings to be draped around me. Run away, you're just fanning the feud. If you get to close again I'm sure I'll catch you.

3. Spiraling Tine
They said pillow talk was bad for the soul. The pain made them stagger and would take its toll. They studied me closely as I studied their brilliance. I was scolded for trying to discover the secret. Hesitant, I kept my questions inside. It was hurting far worse than they could hide. The cutter denied my healing request. When I learned the secret, the deal was severed. Im often greeted with brief disagreement. Could tear my eyes away only at night. I noticed they had scars that riddled their arms when the moon disappeared. Rustling my fingers through my hair. My head hurts so bad, this pain isn't fair. A horrible itch, that I can't resist. Disappointed in whats not there. Their fleeting secrets are hollow and bare. When I see their scarred up bodies I laugh at the pain that those scars embody. My head hurts so bad, this pain isn't fair.

4. Red Eye 
At first I was fine. I realized something had died. I thought it was in my chest, not just my mind. Spirit exhausted, thats all I'd feel inside. I thought I was blessed, but it was just flesh. I dug my nails into my scalp because I was obsessed. We learn from our mistakes. I wish I learned faster. Now I am free. I am alone.

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